Plastic School Educational Furniture Mould

FURNITURE MOULD manufacturers which good quality and professional? Haixiang Mold Co., Ltd. INTERLOCKING FLOORING TILE MOULD, PLASTIC FURNITURE MOULD, SCHOOL FURNITURE MOULD, EDUCATIONAL FURNITURE MOULD, die-casting mold manufacturing.

Haixiang Mold Co.Ltd. With independent science and technology park, formerly known as FURNITURE MOULD processing plant, after more than 10 years of efforts and accumulation, the company gradually expanded. The company is strictly in accordance with the ISO9001 quality standards of manufacturing, because of its high precision, good quality, short cargo and other characteristics, the majority of customers receive the recognition and trust, and its customers from some well-known domestic enterprises, foreign customers from Russia, Europe and the United States and other countries. We welcome domestic and foreign customers throughout the visit, and common development.

In our mold industry's particularity, in order to ensure the immediate interests of FURNITURE MOULD customers, Haixiang manufacturing internal implementation of a strict confidentiality system. We fully respect your original design and the corresponding property rights and will do everything we can to protect your interest. We will abide by our confidentiality obligations in the process of receiving, storing and using your uploaded furniture mold design data. We will not disclose or modify your FURNITURE MOULD design data in any form without your authorization or permission.

Our service areas in addition to INTERLOCKING FLOORING TILE MOULD, there are PLASTIC FURNITURE MOULD, EDUCATIONAL FURNITURE MOULD, household appliances mold, SCHOOL FURNITURE MOULD, automotive accessories, such as accessories.
The main processing equipment: CNC milling, carving, EDM, line cutting, drilling, grinding machines, milling machine: CNC machining centers, injection molding machines.
Processing capacity: mold design, mold manufacturing and injection molding processing, paint, fuel injection, silk screen, assembly, and other train services.
Process type: injection molding die, die-casting mold, stamping die, and so on
Mold type: flat way parting surface
Number of cavities: single, cavity mold
Mold installation: fixed mold
Die material: P20,718,718H, 2738,2316, S136, H13, NAK80, S136H.
Die life: normal use of not less than 500,000 model, can also be designed according to customer requirements mold
Mode of transport: in the mold before shipment must be installed on the mold, packaging solid, rust, logistics and transport
After-sales service: normal use, has been in our processing and production of products, in the mold life, is free mold repair and maintenance.
Quality system: ISO9001

Haixiang FURNITURE MOULD processing advantages:
1, can independently produce a complete INTERLOCKING FLOORING TILE MOULD, die-casting mold, including the late FURNITURE MOULD injection molding products, die-casting molding, paint, fuel injection, silk screen, assembly and other train services.
2, advanced equipment and measurement technology, the FURNITURE MOULD error control between 0.03mm-0.05mm.
3, Europe and the United States CVMOET partners, FURNITURE MOULD quality assurance.
4, strict quality management policy, FURNITURE MOULD products in injection molding, die-casting molding and so have to undergo a rigorous inspection, and finally by the quality inspection department to check.
5, delivery on time, Haixiang manufacturing as long as the mold will be carried out by the parties on both sides as scheduled to complete. There are special circumstances, change mode, repair mode, we will communicate with you!
6, the implementation of ISO9001 quality management system certification, FURNITURE MOULD product quality excellent.
7, 10 years of experience in mold making, will make you satisfied with the INTERLOCKING FLOORING TILE MOULD, EDUCATIONAL FURNITURE MOULD, etc., as well as high-quality PLASTIC FURNITURE MOULD and SCHOOL FURNITURE MOULD pieces of products.
8, for the inconvenient follow-up friends, we keep in touch, timely feedback on the progress of production to you!

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