kindergarten classroom rectangle desk and chair mould

kindergarten classroom rectangle desk and chair mould

1,Why the educational furniture mould temperature needed?

Whatever the mould temperature is high or low, its fuction is to keep the cavity temperature on the same level. It is for cooling.


The important mould temperature is the temperature of mould cavity, not the temperature list in mould termperature machine. Commonly, the temperature of mould cavity will keep stably during mass production. And temperature 10 degree more than list in mould temperature machine.(For big mould,it must be heated enough before start production.)


2, What the mould temperature affect:

a, For affecting the flow rate, the mould temperature affects the appearance of the parts and the injection pressure.

b, Affect the melt flow rate and cooling speed


c, For affecting cooling speed,the mould temperature affects the crystallized rate and then affects the shrinkage and the mechanical strength.

3, Low mould temperature: bad flow character, low crystallized rate, small shrinkage(which cause big dimension).


4, High mould temperature: Good flow character, high-crystallized rate; but big shrinkage(which cause small dimension) and need more cooling time.

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